Kontakt Chemie Kontakt 60 Stok Kodu: 84010350

Cleaner Sprey

1. adım korozyonu söker kontağı yeniler. Bir oksit eriyen temas temizleyicisi, aşınmış, ağır kullanılan ve kirli temasların yenilenmesi önerilir.

An oxide dissolving contact cleaner, highly recommended to regenerate corroded, heavily used and soiled contacts.

Oxides don’t stand a chance. Low contact resistance is restored, thus guaranteeing low voltage drop at even lowest contact pressures.


+ Dissolves oxides on contacts, ready to be rinsed away with KONTAKT WL. Finally, KONTAKT 61 protects and lubricates the clean contact.

+ Metals, graphite, carbon-based materials, thermoplastics, thermoset resins, insulators and other materials are not affected.

+ A dielectric substance, which does not facilitate leakage currents.

Public Data - A

70004-AB | KONTAKT 60 25x100 ML en

Product Name KONTAKT 60
Part Number - Extended 70004-AB
Part Number - Short 70004
Languages on Label EN
Product Functionality Cleaners - Precision
Packaging Description Aerosol
Net Volume (Liter) .1
Quantity per Carton (if>1) 25
Part Gross Weight (Kilogram) .139
Weight Per Carton (Kilogram) 3.475
Parts Per Pallet 1920
EAN Code Single Part 5412386036873
EAN Code Carton 5412386837517
Part Dimension - Width (mm) 45
Part Dimension - Depth (mm) 141
Part Dimension - Height (mm) 45
Carton Dimension - Width (mm) 235
Carton Dimension - Depth (mm) 228
Carton Dimension - Height (mm) 141
GHS - Signal Word Danger
GHS - Hazard & Precautionary Statements Extremely flammable aerosol. Pressurised container: May burst if heated. Causes skin irritation. Causes serious eye irritation. May cause drowsiness or dizziness. Harmful to aquatic life with long lasting effects.
GHS - Hazard Pictograms  
Intrastat / Tariff Code 38140090
Road Tunnel Code (D)
Hazard Class 2.1
Waste Category Code - Part 16 05 04
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