Light up any party with the Micro Star laser. This green and red laser produces more than 200 beams with star patterns that may be projected on a wall, ceiling or dance floor. This laser is safe to use and complies with FDA standards. The Micro Star is easy to use – just plug it in and run the laser’s built-in lighting programs in Auto or Sound Active mode. Change programs, colors and black out with the included remote control. The Micro Star’s compact, light weight case design makes it ideal for mobile entertainers, bands, night clubs and bars or any party goers!

- Produces more than 200 green and red laser beams with star patterns that can be projected on a ceiling, wall or dance floor 
- Compact case design 
- 2 operational modes: Auto Mode (built-in programs), or Sound Active Mode 
- Built-in programs can be changed with a push of a button on the unit or from an infrared remote 
- Includes dual hanging bracket 
- Complies with FDA standards                                                                                                     
- Fan cooled 
- Power consumption: 9W max 
- Green Laser: 30mW (532nm) Green laser 
- Red Laser: 80mW (650nm) Red laser 
-  Includes UL Listed multi-voltage power supply: AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz 
- Includes Wireless Remote Control [Auto/Sound Control; Black Out; Color Change (R, G, R+G, Random); Rotation Control (Clockwise/Counterclockwise/Random)] 
- Dimensions (LxWxH): 50x120x90mm 
- Weight: 6 kg. 

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