Spekon DYN-40SW Stok Kodu:

• The high-quality dynamic pickup sound head is designed for enhanced sound receiving, professional recording,

TV and broadcasting, conference and other sound receiving applications with high requirements.

• The gooseneck bending adjustment structure is used to adjust the microphone to proper locations.

• The completed windproof sponge cover is used to lower air jetting sound and other wind sound

during speaking.

• The reinforced shielding technology is used to remove radio disturbance by high-frequency equipment such as mobile phone.


Specifications and parameter

Energy conversion mode: Dynamic

Frequency response: 40Hz-16kHz

Output impedance: 600Ω

Sensitivity: -52dB±2dB

Microphone stem length: 450mm (customized length) Output connector: built-in 3-pin Cannon male connector Pickup distance: 10cm-30cm preferred

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